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Wiki about an adult browser game Cunt Wars.

C-Wars is an adult version of a Steam game Mighty Party. Because Wiki rules do not allow for any explicit material please do not upload any photos that break the rule. We'll focus here on mechanics and strategy of the game. Also please refer to the game as "the game", "C*** Wars" or "C-Wars".

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay revolves around collecting cards and using them to fight other players. Winning grants you fame points and allow to advance to higher leagues where you fight stronger opponents. Each card can be upgraded in many ways including direct boost with gold dust, guild bonuses, leveling up, soulbinding, reborning. After joining a guild you can also participate in a Turf War mini-game against other guilds.

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There are several pages that need data from players at all levels to be complete. Here are some of them:

Check them out and see if you can fill missing values.

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For articles about topics other than cards you have free hand as to what format you choose.

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Under all pages there is a comments section. If you want to add something to the article but don't know how you can just post a comment, and later someone will edit it into the article.

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    Summary: League 18 common chest epic
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    Summary: The Secret of Pleasure (2018-04-27): seems to be a regular feature, that just happened to have been introduced at the same time
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    Comment: Based on conversations I have had in World Chat and elsewhere, it is not uncommon to miss out on the Starter Event.  I do not have any concrete...