Daily quests are repeatable quests which are given three times a day, with a maximum of three at any given time.

Rerolling quests Edit

Once per day you can reroll one of your quests to get another random one in its place.

List of all daily quests Edit

Quest Reward
Donate 10 cards to friends Gem x5
Level-up your creatures 1 times Gem x2
Level-up your creatures 3 times Gem x5
Play 15 ranged cards Gem x3
Play 30 ranged cards Gem x10
Play 15 melee cards Gem x5
Play 30 melee cards Gem x10
Play 30 cards Gem x3
Play 50 cards Gem x5
Play 40 chaos cards Gem x10
Play 40 order cards Gem x10
Play 40 nature cards Gem x10
Play 20 nature cards Gem x3
Defeat 3 bosses in Journey Gem x3
Defeat 5 bosses in Journey Gem x5
Kill 50 units 30 x Gold Dust
Kill 50 units 40 x Gold Dust
Kill 20 units 20 x Gold Dust
Summon 1 times Gem x3
Summon 3 times Gem x5
Get 3 new friends Gem x5
Spend 50 gems Rare Card x10
Spend 150 gems Epic Card x10
2 wins in PvP with Adam Gem x3
Win in PvP 4 times Gem x6
Win in PvP 8 times Gem x10
Buy 300 Gems in the Bank Gem x300
Earn 10 Gems in mine Common Card x40