Dark Tower

In Dark Tower, you can play mini tournaments against other players to test the overall strength of your collection. After paying a fee, which depends on your maximum league level, you play several battles against the AI until you reach seven wins or three losses.[1] The starting player is randomly assigned for each match.

Once you reach seven wins or three losses, you get chests depending on how many wins you managed to achieve. The number of cards in the chests depends on your current league level.

  1. For mobile players, the maximum number of wins is 5. See the FAQ for some other ways the game differs in its PC and mobile versions. For the remainder of this article, it will be assumed you are playing the PC version of the game.

Squad Edit

During fights in Dark Tower you use all your cards. Each turn you are given a choice from four cards of the same rarity that have been randomly selected from your whole collection. Then your opponent gets to choose a card of the same rarity from his collection. Next turn all your cards are discarded and you must choose from a new set of four cards. For each turn, regardless of who goes first, both players get the same rarity cards to select from.

Unlike the Pit, you can use the same card more than once in a single Dark Tower battle, so there is no penalty for using the best card you have available.

If you don't own at least four cards of a given rarity, the missing spots will be filled by cards of some other rarity.

Difficulty levelEdit

The opponents you are matched with depends on your total collection might, but the pattern of card rarity depends on your current league. If you find Dark Tower too hard, you can drop to a lower league or move up to a higher league, depending on whether your collection has more highly leveled commons and rares or more highly leveled epics and legendaries.

Using the table of rarity patterns below can help you figure out what league is your ideal spot for Dark Tower wins. If your best cards are able to appear early on, you stand a better chance of winning a match.

Rarity pattern Edit

Each turn you are given four cards of the same rarity, and your AI opponent will also play a card from that rarity. What that rarity is depends on your current league and what turn it is. In the table below, C = Common, R = Rare, E = Epic, L = Legendary.

League 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Repeat
21–25 C R C R E R C E  
20 R R E C C R E C  
19 R C E R C E R C  
18 C C R E C R E R  
17 R E R E R C R C  
16 C R C R E R R E  
15 C R L E R E C R  
14 R C E R E R C L  
13 E R C E R C L R  
12 C R R E R E R L  
11 R C E R E R R L  
10 E R R L R E L R  
9 R L E R L E R E  
8 R R E L R E R L  
7 R E L R E L R R  
6 R E R R L E R L  
5 E R E L R L R L  
3 E E L R R L E L  
GM L R E L R L E L  


After each win, you get Medals that you can use in Dark Tower Shop. After completing a Dark Tower run, you are rewarded with Chests. Level of the chests depends on your league level during the last fight.

Wins Rewards
0 1 x Common Chest
1 2 x Common Chest
2 3 x Common Chest
3 1 x Rare Chest
4 1 x Big Rare Chest
5 2 x Big Rare Chest
6 3 x Big Rare Chest
7 4 x Big Rare Chest

Go to the page about Big Rare Chest to see how much more or less rewards you get depending on your league level.

The amount of Medals you get depends on your maximum league level. Each win gives you 25 more medals than the previous one.

Max League Level DT cost entry medals for first win medals for last win
20 500 75 225
19 550 80 230
18 600 85 235
17 650 90 240
16 700 95 245
15 750 100 250
14 800 105 255
13 850 110 260
12 900 115 265
11 950 120 270
10 1000 125 275
9 1050 130 280
8 1100 135 285
7 1150 140 290
6 1200 145 295
5 1250 150 300
4 1300 155 305
3 1350 160 310
2 1400 165 315
1 1450 170 320
GM 1500 175 325