Introduced into the game on 31 July 2018, Divine Arena is a play mode that offers a different challenge every three days. You are given a selection of two warlords to play, each with thematically built squads. The other warlord is played by the AI. Divine Arena unlocks at league level 17.

The first time you win the match with either warlord, you get a Big Rare Chest reward. The value of the chest is exactly the same as a Big Rare Chest earned at your current league.

Since you play thematically built squads in Divine Arena, hero levels may differ from their levels in your collection. You may also get the chance to play heroes you have not yet discovered, or use warlords you have not yet bought.

Possible bug: While winning a second time with the same warlord does not give you any extra chests, it does increases your win count stat for Divine arena, making it possible to finish several epic quests in a single day.