The Events button appears near the upper left corner of the main screen

The most common class of events is the Mini-Event. These do not feature any new heroes, but they can loosely be considered events due to their location ingame, being shown upon opening the Events button.

The special Events are special paths, similar to Path of Hero, that run for a limited time, typically five days.  While an event is active, the Event Path can accessed by clicking on its icon at the top center of the main screen. Like Path of Hero, the picture on the icon depends on your current progress on the path. When no event is currently active, the icon does not appear.  Events use a currency called Sparks, which look like eggs with a pattern on them, instead of Gems.  These Sparks can be redeemed for prize chests in the Event Shop. You cannot save Sparks from one event to another.

Upon spending a certain amount of Sparks in the Event Shop, a bonus legendary prize chest unlocks, and you can get a chance at getting the legendary heroes for the Event. Spending more Sparks unlocks further bonus chests, though each extra bonus chest takes more Sparks to unlock than the last.

While it may be difficult or impossible to complete an Event without paying to play, it is possible to go onto the Event path and open chests in the Event Store as a free player.

A third class of event is the so-called Pathless Event. These run for the same duration as a regular Event, and are effectively a premium early access feature for the event heroes. Past event heroes of both Event types are listed on the Past events page.

Event Bosses Edit

Some of the quests on the Event path involve defeating an Event Boss.  These are similar to Journey Bosses: battling them uses up a Journey key, and you receive cards for defeating them.  Also like Journey Bosses, you can only defeat them once per day unless you pay Gems to refresh them.  Unlike Journey Bosses, you receive Sparks for defeating Event Bosses instead of Ancient Coins. Event Boss difficulty increases with your every win, but like Journey bosses, every fifth win increases your rewards.

Event Bosses require about 10x as many Gems as Journey Bosses to refresh. The difficulty of, and rewards for defeating, Event Bosses depends on your maximum league level. For example, an Event Boss at League 20 will be easier to defeat than the same Event Boss at League 10, but you are rewarded with more cards and Sparks when you defeat that Event Boss at League 10. However, dropping league to get an easier boss does not work.

The Event Bosses refresh at the same time as the Journey Bosses (exact time can be seen in the journey shop).

The following table summarizes these comparisons of Event Bosses with Journey Bosses.

Event Bosses Journey Bosses
Use Journey keys to battle Use Journey keys to battle
Give card rewards Give card rewards
Give Spark rewards Give fixed amount of Ancient Coins
Rewards and difficulty depend on your maximum league AND how many times you have defeated that boss Rewards and difficulty depend on how many times you have defeated that boss
Costs many gems to revive for another battle Costs gems to revive for another battle

Event ShopEdit


Patterns on Sparks vary from event to event

The Event Shop can be accessed by opening the Event Path and clicking on the Prizes button on the lower right side of the screen. After an event ends, the Event Shop remains open for 24 hours to give players a final opportunity to spend their Sparks (and money) on the event.

When you open a chest in the Event Shop, possible prizes scroll across the screen. Once the scrolling stops, you receive the prize at the center of the screen. Prizes include Event heroes, Gems and Sparks. If you do not have enough Sparks to open an Event Chest, you can pay Gems for Sparks to make up the difference. The conversion factor is typically 1 Gem : 3 Sparks.

Previous chest system Edit

Until May 2018, the following chests could be found in the Event Shop:

  • Rare Chest: Cost = 250 Sparks
    • Contains Rare event cards, Sparks, Gems, and some Epic event cards.
  • Epic Chest: Cost = 1000 Sparks
    • Contains Epic event cards, Sparks, Gems, and some Legendary event cards.
  • Legendary Chest: Cost = 5000 Sparks
    • Contains Legendary event cards, Sparks, and Gems.
  • Bonus Legendary Chest: Bonus for spending Sparks in the Event Shop.
    • Contains Legendary event cards, Sparks, and Gems.
    • Each bonus chest is awarded after spending a specific amount of Sparks: the first one is awarded after 8750, while each subsequent one requires more than the one before.

Starter Event chest system Edit

For the Starter Event, the first three chests are one rarity tier lower than they are in the chest system above. That is, the chests are common, rare, epic, bonus legendary instead of rare, epic, legendary, bonus legendary, with the same cost tiers:

  • Common Chest: Cost = 250 Sparks.
  • Rare Chest: Cost = 1000 Sparks.
  • Epic Chest: Cost = 2500 Sparks.
  • Bonus Legendary Chest: Bonus for spending Sparks in the Event Shop.

Current chest system Edit

Starting in June 2018, a new chest system was adopted in the Event Shop, replacing the first three chests with a single combined chest:

  • Big Chest: Cost = 2500 Sparks
    • Contains Rare, Epic, and Legendary event cards, Sparks, and Gems.
  • Event Chest: Bonus for spending Sparks in the Event Shop.
    • Contains Legendary event cards, Sparks, and Gems.
    • Each Event Chest is awarded after spending a specific amount of Sparks: the first one is awarded after spending 8 Big Chests (20000 Sparks). This increases by 1 Big chest (2500 sparks) for each follow up Event chest (9, 10, ...)

When your Big Chest gives you rare cards, you get approximately the same number of rare cards as you would have gotten from 10 Rare Chests in the previous system. Similarly, epic cards are roughly on par with what you would have gotten from 2 to 3 Epic Chests in the previous system. Legendary cards are less frequently opened, but a small legendary stack in the Big Chest is larger than a large stack in the previous system's Legendary Chest. This means, under the current system, there is no middle ground between winning big and getting a token prize.

The pricing of the first bonus chest at 20000 Sparks places it firmly out of reach of free players when not lucky with getting Sparks from multiple Big Chests.

Odds Edit

The following odds are current as of the "Song of Vice and Ire" event. The first chest you open in each chapter will ALWAYS contain a low count epic (despite the roulette wheel showing other rewards). Subsequent big chests have the following odds:

Sparks < 250026.5%
Sparks > 25001.9%

There's usually an equal likelihood of getting a specific card of a given rarity. So, for instance, if you wanted to know the likelihood of getting Bard in the "Song of Vice and Ire" event, you would divide the Epic chance by 3 (since there are 3 different epics). That is not always true of Legendary cards though. For instance, in the "Song of Vice and Ire" event, you have the following odds for each of the Legendary cards.

D'Arc, Iron Maiden1.5%

Rewards Edit

The following rewards are current as of the "Song of Vice and Ire" event. There are two factors that influence the number of cards you receive as rewards, the first is which chapter of the event you are in, and the second is your max league level. Let's start with event chapter, below is a table showing the range of counts per reward type and chapter (the bonus columns refer to the bonus event chest you can open after opening enough big chests).

Chapter 1C1 BonusChapter 2C2 BonusChapter 3C3 Bonus
Rare90-600   250-1200   350-1500  
Epic35-450   65-600   90-700  
Gems500-1000  500-1000  500-1000  

In addition, a multiplier is applied to cards (not gems or sparks) based on your max league level. There is some rounding that goes on, but here are the multipliers before rounding.



While it is not possible to perfectly prepare in advance for every new Event, there are some things you can do both proactively and at the beginning of an Event that can help you advance as far as possible, as inexpensively as possible. Having a hoard of gems on hand when you expect an Event might start soon doesn't hurt, either.


Have a full set of Journey keys. Edit

Battling the event bosses requires you to use Journey keys. Having a full set makes it easier to advance farther, faster.

Leave a few of your cards unleveled. Edit

Leveling up any card of a given race is typically the second quest of an event, right after defeating the first event boss. While the race is not typically announced beforehand, it is possible to make an educated guess, especially if the featured Legendary Cards already appear in Mighty Party. Having a few cards that are ready to level before you start avoids having to acquire enough souls of the cards before you work on the quest.

Note: When the event does not feature a specific race, this quest will typically be to level up any three cards.

Prepare several chests to be ready to open. Edit

Similarly, you can win a few PvP fights a few hours before an event starts and leave the chests unopened, since Events also typically require opening a certain number of chests early on (quest #5, #10, #13, and #16 all benefit from having many rare chests ready to open).

Besides filling your chest slots, the Pit, Divine Arena, and Dark Tower can be used to farm chests. Starting a Dark Tower run before the previous reset without finishing it gives you two chances to get Dark Tower chests at the start of the event, without paying gems.

Note: Which of these extra chests methods you can use will depend on your maximum league level. Dark Tower unlocks at League 20, Divine Arena unlocks at League 17, and the Pit unlocks at League 14.

Get your Experience points close to your next Rank Up. Edit

But not too close! When you Rank Up, all your Journey keys are restored. You will want this to happen when you have just run out of Journey keys, and not sooner. Leveling up cards will increase your Experience points. Since you will have to level up some cards almost immediately after the event starts, you don't want to be too close to your next Rank Up before the event starts!

Request rare cards Edit

Requesting rare cards, featured in the event, from friends beforehand will help pass the quest to gather a set amount of event rare cards without having to stay at the step and grind them as you can pick them up in the inbox. Similarly requesting non event rare cards can be used to progress the step to gather rare cards more easily.

Immediately after the Event startsEdit


Once unlocked, event Rares and Epics can be earned from Turf War. This is quite useful for certain quests like "Find # Rare/Epic cards". This comes from Surprise Gift event.

As soon as you can, map out the entire path. This will allow you to see where some traps might occur. For instance, "Spend 6000 Sparks" is much more difficult to accomplish if you already spent all of the Sparks you have earned to that point. Similarly, opening a Big Chest becomes virtually impossible without paying if you already opened one before you reached that quest. Just like many of the quests on the Path of Hero, accomplishing a task before it becomes a quest typically does not help you advance through an Event.

Note: In the case of the Starter Event, it is possible to be proactive with mapping out the event. One way to do this is to start a throwaway account, bring its League level up to 24, and use that account to map out the Event. This serves two purposes. First, you don't waste any time on the Event Timer for your real account while you figure out how you want to approach the Event. Second, it serves as a check to see IF there is a Starter Event currently running. If your goal is to do the Starter Event and you don't care about missing another Event that might soon occur, this step will save you some grief if your throwaway sees no Starter Event. Another way to map out the Starter Event is to simply scroll down this page to the list of Starter Event Quests.

Boss strategiesEdit

Event boss difficulty scales with your max league level, and the bosses grow one level stronger every time you defeat them, becoming harder every fifth win.

Boss difficulty by maximum league
Maximum League Boss level Sparks for first bossRare cards for first boss
19–252 (minimum)205

You can access the bosses even when your current quest is not one of the Defeat Boss quests by clicking on the LEVELS button at the lower left corner of the Event Path screen. Event bosses refresh at the same time Journey bosses do, meaning you can defeat the same boss multiple times for extra Sparks and event cards.

The first boss will give you sparks equal to ten times its level, the next bosses will give an additional 20 sparks. The number of cards each boss gives is determined by the sequence of bosses. Each family will give the same number of cards while giving 5 more every time they reappear, so bosses 1-3 will give the same number while 4-6 will give 5 more.

When the bosses are beaten five times they will increase in difficulty giving 10 more sparks and 2 more rare cards.

The full list of bosses and their rewards are tabulated below.

Sparks gained from bosses depending on Maximum League
ChapterBossBoss iteration25-1918-1514-12 11-9 8-6 5-3 2- L GM
Rare cards gained from bosses depending on Maximum League
ChapterBossBoss iteration25-1918-1514-12 11-9 8-6 5-3 2- L GM

Unlocking the Bonus Legendary Chest in the Event Shop (old chest system only)Edit

It is possible to get Sparks as the reward for opening a chest. If you are close to having enough Sparks to spend to unlock the Bonus Legendary Chest, you can try spending on four Rare Chests instead of one Epic Chest. This gives you better chances of getting Sparks for another Event Chest.

Current/Upcoming EventEdit

The past several events have been released on a biweekly schedule, with a new event starting every other Friday at 10:00 UTC. The most recently announced event is Chaotic Sexual Assault, running from 11 January to 17 January. Names of heroes appearing in red in the table below may not be the final names given to the cards.

IMPORTANT: If the links to the card pages are still red, DO NOT create the pages manually. Please wait for the pages to be created automatically.

Chaotic Sexual Assault (2019-1-11) Edit

Chaotic Sexual Assault Event Heroes
All Chaos Butcher Dark Witch Vampire
Common - Witch Vampire
Rare Butcher Dark Witch Ancient
Epic Demon the Ripper Void Juggler Bloody Goddess
Legendary Mr. Flap Neyda Akasha, Queen of the Damned

Starter EventEdit

The Starter Event is for players that have recently unlocked League level 24. It only appears while no other events are currently running, and gets preempted if another event starts. Consequently, the Starter Event may not be available to all players, and it may end with little or no warning if another event is about to appear.

Starter Event Heroes
Common ArcherBig Toad -
Rare BowmasterMr. ToadMummy
Epic Ayfe the ArrowLord ToadEmbalmed Priest
Legendary Athena Prince Nod Leader Nilen

Past Events Edit

The following is a list of some of the past events. See past events for more details.

  • Christmas Event (2017-12-25)
  • A chaos event of unknown name from January 2018
  • Chase for Lust (2018-02-14)
  • Erotic Flight (2018-03-17)
  • Arena of Lust (2018-04-13)
  • The Secret of Pleasure (2018-04-27)
  • The Virus of Lust (2018-05-25)
  • Passionate Diplomacy (2018-06-08)
  • Love Potion (2018-06-22)
  • Awakening of Lust (2018-07-06)
  • Surprise Gift (2018-07-20)
  • Bone Gangbang (2018-08-03)
  • Super Mary Vs The World (2018-08-17)
  • Fun in Amazonia (2018-08-31)
  • Horny Tree Friends (2018-09-14)
  • Devil's Advocate (2018-9-28)
  • Song of Vice and Ire (2018-10-12)
  • Shalloween (2018-10-26)
  • Forest Hump (2018-11-9)
  • The Blackest Friday (2018-11-23)
  • Friendly Ties (2018-12-07)
  • Water Intercourse (2018-12-21)
  • XXX-mas (2018-12-28)

Event Quests Edit

Generic Event since Song of Vice and Ire Edit

From Song of Vice and Ire onward the branched event paths were removed while still retaining three chapters, with each chapter having a new set of quests to complete.

During the event Forest Hump the quests in the chapters were as following.

Chapter 1
Objective Sparks rewarded
Defeat Boss 1 (1.1) 50 Sparks
Activate any Summon 1 times 75 Sparks
Boost Cards 6 times 100 Sparks
Defeat Boss 2 (1.2) 125 Sparks
Open 4 Chests 150 Sparks
Play Cards 20 times 175 Sparks
Defeat Boss 3 (1.3) 200 Sparks
Level-up Cards 3 times 225 Sparks
Find 350 souls of Rare Cards 250 Sparks
Win PvP 5 times 275 Sparks
Defeat Boss 4 (2.1) 300 Sparks
Get 8 Different Rare Cards from Rare Chests in PvP and Summon 325 Sparks
Open Big Chest in Event Shop 1 time 350 Sparks
Defeat Boss 5 (2.2) 375 Sparks
Chapter 2
Objective Sparks rewarded
Defeat boss 6 (2.3)400 Sparks
Summon Mistress or Godness 5 times 425 Sparks
Boost Legendary Cards 5 times 450 Sparks
Find 200 souls of Rare Event Card 475 Sparks
Defeat boss 7 (3.1) 525 Sparks
Level up Rare Event Card to 12th level 575 Sparks
Spend 7500 Sparks 625 Sparks
Defeat Boss 8 (3.2) 700 Sparks
Open Bonus Chest in Event Shop 1 times 775 Sparks
Reborn Rare Event cards 3 times 850 Sparks
Defeat Boss 9 (3.3) 925 Sparks
Find 450 souls of epics 1000 Sparks
Get 750 epic souls from chests in PvP or Summon 1100 Sparks
Boost Event epics 9 times 1200 Sparks
Open Big Chest in Event Shop 3 times 1300 Sparks
Defeat Boss 10 (4.1) 1400 Sparks
Chapter 3
Objective Sparks rewarded
Defeat Boss 11 (4.2) 1500 Sparks
Reborn Event Epics 4 times 1600 Sparks
Summon in Mistress or Godness 20 times 1725 Sparks
Defeat Boss 12 (4.3) 1850 Sparks
Level-up Event Epic to 15th Level 1975 Sparks
Find 500 souls of Event Legendary 2100 Sparks
Defeat Boss 13 (5.1) 2225 Sparks
Spend 7500 Gems 2575 Sparks
Get 12 Legendary bitches froms wins Chests or in Summon 2525 Sparks
Boost Event Legendary 10 times 2675 Sparks
Defeat Boss 14 (5.2) 2825 Sparks
Reborn Event Legendaries 3 times 2975 Sparks
Level-up Event Legendary to 16th level 3275 Sparks
Defeat Boss 15 (5.3) 2325 Sparks

Pathless Events Edit

Occasionally events are announced for the release of new cards, but no path accompanies the release. In these cases, the event consists of paying for the privilege of early access to the new cards. While a pathless event is running, chests and summons will double the new cards they give. Cards that are not from the event are still rewarded normally. If you get the event cards from a friend, you can get the double card bonus even without paying. All event cards are supposed to be made generally available several weeks after the pathless event. Only Wild Coition has actually delivered on this (albeit two weeks later than announced). Past pathless events have included:

  • Wild Coition (2018-03-03)
  • Demonic Debauch (2018-04-01)
  • Blessing of the Order (2018-05-11)

Blessing of the Order is the most recent pathless event. For further details on the cards released in these pathless events, see past events.