Guild unlocks after reaching league 24.

Being in a guild allows you to participate in Turf War. Using troops gives gold to players as per the amount used. Turf War rewards players with gold, cards and Contribution points. Contribution points can be then used to activate powerful guild bonuses. You also get daily Elixir and Contribution rewards in your Inbox when you are in a guild.

Guild Levels Edit

Only the guild master can upgrade a guild to the next level. Upgrading a guild uses the same currency as unlocking new bonuses - influence points - which the guild gets from Turf War and when guild members buy gems. Unlocking higher level guild bonuses requires the guild to be at certain level.

Level maximum




upgrade cost in

influence points

1 10 1 1,000
2 20 2 5,000
3 22 2 10,000
4 24 2 20,000
5 26 2 40,000
6 28 2 70,000
7 30 3 100,000
8 32 3 150,000
9 34 3 250,000
10 36 3 300,000
11 38 3 350,000
12 40 4 500,000
13 43 4 750,000
14 45 4 1,000,000
15 48 4 1,500,000
16 50 4
25 max

Roles Edit

Albeit things may vary inside a guild, officially there's sort of a hierarchy, and members are organized in ranks, depending on how much power they are assigned.

It's worth noting that no matter the rank assumed, every member will be automatically kicked by the system due to inactivity after 14-15 days without login. If the Guild Master is kicked, the member with most recent activity, regardless of previous rank and time in the guild, will automatically be appointed as new GM.

Guild Master Edit

Every guild has to have a Master, even if this one isn't necessarily the founder as well. It's worth noting that, aside for voluntary changes, Guild Master role is shifted to the most active member by default after 7 days of inactivity of the current one, who will then be demoted to Private. Apart for Officers' powers, a Master can also:

  • upgrade the level of a guild
  • modify name/icon/motto
  • promote/demote officers
  • set eventual conditions for recruitment (like minimum might or auto-accepting)

NB: in the current meta there's a fair chance of having to deal with cheaters, so Masters may consider to unselect the "auto-accept" icon and deal with all requests manually.

Officers Edit

Depending on the guild level, they can vary in number between 0 and the maximum listed in the table above. Their position is in-between Privates and Guild Master, and can:

  • accept new members by approving pending applications
  • expel existing members, if the situation calls for it
  • unlock/upgrade guild bonuses
  • place crosshair/white flag symbols on the map

Member Edit

They are common soldiers. Their powers are limited to send troops and leave the guild. When you join an existing guild you always start from this position.