Disclaimer: some of the infos included in this page may be outdated and not reflect the actual strategies that can be used in the current meta.

This is a place where you can share your strategy, tips and tricks, or a link to a guide you made. You can also leave a comment. The strategies here mainly exclude legendary cards since their strength is unique. We try to provide you with basic strategies using mainly common and rare cards and maybe some epics. Therefore, these strategies generally only succeed in Leagues above 15 where the enemies are expected to not use that many legendaries.

Offensive // Proactive StrategiesEdit

The strategies in this section are mainly based on speed and strength. It is recommended to apply these strategies only when you open the battle.


Offensive Strategies

Defensive // Reactive StrategiesEdit

The strategies listed here are based mainly on patience and slyness. These strategies shouldn't depend on who makes the opening move.


Defensive Strategies

Strategy Recommendations & TipsEdit

  • Dark Tower Difficulty: This depends on your current league level. You can drop a few levels to make it much easier and always get rewards for 7 wins.
  • Gold Dust Use: You can boost your cards during battle. Just select a card either in your hand or on the field and spend some Golden Dust to do it.
  • Power of Spikes: Use Prince Nod, Big Toad, and Mr. Toad. While not great at offense, they have HUGE defense and damage enemies when attacked. Use them to protect strong but less resilient ranged units like Dark Witch and Void Juggler.
  • Fighting Athena: After she summons her Archers, Bastet is your best bet as she can take them all out in one shot. Dark Witch at level 6 or higher also works the same way, but she is not effective against Leader Nilen and Grand Ma, Reaper, two other cards that summon additional units, as her ability does not work against Chaos cards.