In game message


The new update is live now!

The new Event "Chase for Lust" will start on February 14.

Three families of horny bitches stand against you. Could you put their fire out and recruit them into your Squad? It's time to get out your "weapon"!

And we made a bunch of cool features, but who cares, the main thing is Event with NINE DRIPPING BITCHES!

What's new?


  • reborn for all common and rare cards now requires 11, 16 and 21 level
  • reborn for all epics and legendaries now requires 6, 11, 16 and 21 level
  • reborn bonus for some cards have been adjusted
  • there is additional reborn level for epics and legendaries

Chat emotes


There are number of new emotes you can use in guild and world chat.

Journey "FIND" button

You can search your bosses in Journey in a more efficient way. They are now displayed on one screen sorted by rarity and reward.

Troops Stat

When looking other players profiles you can now see not only their might but also their "Troops" value. That is the number of troops they can send in Turf War.

Additional Chest Slots

They are now available for purchase. 5th slot costs $4.99 in promotion during event.

6th cost $19.99 during promotion.

Sex of Cards

All cards now list their sex. Currently it has no implication in the game other than "All Male" or "All Female" summon promotions.

Elixir Counter

In Guild Members List there is an additional information about how much Elixir each person used.

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